Denis Manturov and Dmitry Azarov visited the AKOM stand

On March 18, 2021 the head of the Minpromtorg Denis Manturov and the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov visited the exhibition exposition of regional enterprises in the Technopark Zhigulevskaya Valley.

5 april 2021
The meeting of Denis Manturov and Dmitry Azarov

The head of the Minpromtorg Denis Manturov and the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov discussed industrial development of the Samara region during the meeting.

30 march 2021
Cluster conducted negotiations with ATB-Electronics

On March 24, General Director of the Cluster of Automotive Industry Andrey Kraynov made a business visit to Moscow, where he visited ATB-Electronics enterprise.

30 march 2021
"Battery Innovation 2021" - current realities and prospects for the industry development

March 18, 2021 JSC AKOM named after N. M. Ignatiev and LLC Accumulator of Innovations held an international scientific and technical conference "Battery Innovation 2021".

24 march 2021
CCI of the Russian Federation launched a hotline for receiving applications within the framework of the implementation of the Government Decree No. 719

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation launched a hotline on a number of issues related to the activities of the chamber in terms of implementing Government Decree No. 719.

24 march 2021
PCMA Rus plant produced an engine test sample

According to the official page of the company in social networks, PCMA Rus in Kaluga (a joint venture of Stellantis and Mitsubishi) produced the first test sample of the DV6 engine.

18 march 2021
The Prime Minister gave instructions on the results of a working trip to the Altai Krai

The Ministry of Education has two weeks to prepare proposals for additional support for teachers who have moved to work in villages and small towns.

17 march 2021
Renault Arkana is in Europe: amazing price

2.5 years after the world premiere Renault began selling the Arkana cross-coupe in Europe.

10 march 2021
Dmitry Azarov and Lilia Ignatieva, the shareholder of the AKOM Group of companies, discussed the enterprise development

Dmitry Azarov, the Governor of the Samara region and Lilia Ignatieva, the shareholder of the AKOM Group of companies discussed over the phone the development of the legendary enterprise for the production of batteries.

3 march 2021
Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to get a loan at 3% for the staff retention and business recovery

On behalf of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, the Government of the Russian Federation is launching a new preferential loan program at 3% that is aimed at further employment maintenance and business recovery.

1 march 2021
Cluster took part in the "Federal practice" of the Minpromtorg RF

On February 18-19, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation held an internship under the "Federal practice" program in the Volga Federal District in the Republic of Chuvashia, organized for representatives of regional executive authorities, the business community and regional development institutions.

25 february 2021
The government has approved the strategy of anti-counterfeiting product turnover in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025

The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

17 february 2021
Alexander Morozov visited the Tula region and the HAVAL plant

On February 12, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Alexander Morozov visited the Tula region.

17 february 2021
Digitalization of measures to support the radio-electronic industry is reaching a new level

As part of the digitalization of measures to support the radio-electronic industry there are accessible:

15 february 2021
7% for small businesses. The interest rate on preferential loans is reduced

The interest rate on preferential loans for small businesses was reduced to 7% per annum.

12 february 2021
GISP begins accepting applications for inclusion into the list of modern technologies for R&D under RF Government Decree No. 1649

The distribution of subsidies to Russian organizations to compensate for part of the costs of conducting R&D on modern technologies in the innovative projects implementation framework (RF Government Decree of December 12, 2019) will be on the basis of the list of modern technologies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

25 january 2021
IDF will start issuing loans up to 2 billion rubles at 1% per annum for up to 7 years for projects of all manufacturing industry branches

The Supervisory Board of the Industrial Development Fund (IDF) decided to expand the "Priority projects" program to include almost all classes of the OKVED section C "Manufacturing industry".

12 january 2021
The Industrial Development Fund reduces a base rate from 5% to 3% per annum

The IDF Supervisory Board decided to reduce the base rate for IDF programs to 3% from January 1, 2021.

11 january 2021
State programs of preferential leasing and preferential credit for cars have been launched since the beginning of January

All models of UAZ, LADA and GAZ (as well as models of Renault Logan, Sandero, Duster, Kaptur, Arkana; Kia Rio; Hyundai Creta, Solaris) will participate in programs of preferential car loans.

11 january 2021
JSC Battery plant named after N.M. Ignatiev – AKOM became the Benefactor of the Year

On December 25, in Tolyatti, on the results of 2019 the Battery Plant named after N. M. Ignatiev – AKOM was awarded in the category "Benefactor of the Year among Legal Entities".

29 december 2020
State support results for demand for cars for the first 11 months of 2020

Moscow, December 25 – For 11 months of 2020, a total of more than 256 thousand cars were sold with the state support of demand in Russia:

28 december 2020
Happy New Year 2021!

The Cluster team wishes you and your colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

25 december 2020
JSC AKOM was renamed into JSC Battery plant named after N.M. Ignatiev-AKOM

The history of the leader of the starter batteries production − AKOM is inextricably linked with the President of the group of companies AKOM Nikolai Ignatiev.

25 december 2020
Dmitry Azarov and Yves Caracatzanis launched production of the updated LADA Niva Travel

On Monday, December 21, JSC Lada West Togliatti, which is part of JSC AVTOVAZ began mass production of the updated SUV LADA Niva Travel.

24 december 2020
Work in SEZ reduces bureaucratic risks for a foreign company

Vyacheslav Kipurov, Director of Nobel Automotive Russia LLC, the first resident of JSC «SEZ «Togliatti», told «Kommersant» about how the company is going through the crisis in 2020, as well as whether the location on the territory of the SEZ helps or not.

22 december 2020
The mechanism of a unified regional subsidy launches

The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin approved the decree "On amendments to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №194 of March 15, 2016". The decree was created by Minpromtorg RF and implies the operation of a mechanism to provide a unified regional subsidy.

8 december 2020
Cluster and Pilz held a webinar on safe equipment automation and personnel protection

On November 27, there was held a webinar with the support of the Cluster, initiated by a Cluster member – Pilz.

1 december 2020
Strategic planning is the basis for sustainable enterprise development

The Cluster conducted a training "Strategic planning, monitoring, analysis and organization's QMS improvement. Management by objectives".

1 december 2020
Mobis business visit to the Samara region

On November 19-20, 2020, the Cluster organized a visit of 4 representatives of MOBIS MODULE CIS to the Samara region. During the negotiations, there were visited several enterprises, such as SED (Syzran), Region Volga and Rosavtoplast (Togliatti). Also, there were held individual negotiations with the Heads of these enterprises and discussed the issues of further business relations development.

25 november 2020
BelZAN became the first Russian supplier of automotive fasteners for Volkswagen Rus

JSC "Belebeevsky zavod "Avtonormal" ("BelZAN") became the first Russian supplier of automotive fasteners for Volkswagen Rus. The corresponding agreement was signed between two companies for 4 years. The company will supply more than 9 million of fasteners units annually for Volkswagen and Škoda passenger cars. The products are already used in the bodies assembly and the units installation at the Kaluga plant and a separate division of Volkswagen Rus in Nizhny Novgorod.

25 november 2020
Cluster members improve their skills in the supply chain management

The main goal in the supply chain management is to find the most effective economic model for the goods flow with subsequent transformation into end products and delivery to the end customer, considering features of all chain participants.

23 november 2020
The Ministry of industry and trade announced the localization level of foreign cars in Russia

The Ministry of industry and trade announced the localization level of the most popular foreign and domestic cars. The most profitable AVTOVAZ model — Lada Vesta, that has an average score, but even its level is 2.5 times lower than the maximum possible. The situation is even worse for foreign cars produced in Russia. They are equipped with Russian components twice as bad as the AVTOVAZ bestseller. Whether it's good or bad, "Gazeta.Ru" tried to found out.

18 november 2020
The Сluster conducted the training "Managing product/process changes"

Change management procedure must be applied by auto component suppliers at the pre-production stages, during mass production and changes, including any product changes, process, production conditions, quality or volume.

17 november 2020
Game mechanics in training

When trainings the Cluster uses modern training methods, one of them is business games.

16 november 2020
Andrey Kutepov: the automotive industry is important in terms of innovation and technological development of the economy

The senator held a round table conference on measures to support the domestic automotive industry development.

16 november 2020
Kiekert Supplier Day

On November 12, Kiekert Supplier Day took place in the format of a video conference followed by B2B. The event was organized by the Cluster of Automotive Industry, Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Kiekert.

13 november 2020
Cluster members develop skills in the practical application of MSA techniques and tools

The Cluster conducted the training Measurement system analysis (MSA).

11 november 2020
Small businesses have a simplified access to state support

On November 7, the law on monthly register updating comes into force that will significantly simplify access to benefits and state support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises.

11 november 2020
State support results for car demand of the first 10 months of 2020

As at 25 October 2020, more than 220 thousand cars were sold in Russia with state support for demand:

11 november 2020
Cluster members develop skills in applying PPAP standard requirements

The Cluster conducted the training «Production part approval process (РРАР). Supplier testing plan and report».

11 november 2020
The Ministry of industry and trade estimated the automotive components development program at 200 billion rubles

In 2021, the Ministry of industry and trade together with the industrial development Fund (FRP) will launch the grants program for the automotive component production development, which is estimated at more than 200 billion rubles for ten years, said the deputy minister of industry and trade - Alexander Morozov.

11 november 2020
The Cluster conducted the training Audit of manufacturing processes

Audit of the manufacturing process – is an independent assessment of the product creation processes compliance with the established requirements for this product and the process of its creation to determine its efficiency. The audit is aimed at product creation stages analysis and continuous processes improvement, rather than at individual requirements and indicators.

11 november 2020
Denis Manturov: main tools for the automotive industry support will remain in 2021 in the amount of 17.5 billion rubles

Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov held a meeting via the videoconference on the results of the automotive engineering industry for the first nine months of 2020.

11 november 2020
The qualification selection of machine tool manufacturers under the subsidy program

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation conducts a qualification selection of machine tool manufacturers. They apply for subsidies from the Federal budget in order to provide customers with discounts when purchasing such products.

28 october 2020
The government will allocate 5 billion rubles to support national industry

The Russian Export Center (REC) will receive additional support as part of the transport subsidy for exporters (Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation N 496 «State support for Russian civil industry organizations in order to reduce the cost of transportation of products»).

28 october 2020
Production processes optimization is the key for sustainable enterprises development

"Personnel monitoring system" and "Management of non-conforming products" trainings were held for Cluster members.

28 october 2020
The French company will open a plant in Togliatti for 500 working places

SEZ Togliatti has accepted another application from a new investor - FAURECIA. The corresponding decision was made on October 15 at a joint meeting of the expert and supervisory boards of SEZ.

20 october 2020
Ford Sollers will restart the engine plant in Yelabuga

JV «Sollers Ford» will restart the engine plant located in the Alabuga special economic zone in Tatarstan, said a company's representative. It is planned to produce diesel engines for the Ford Transit van line. Serial production is planned for 2023.

20 october 2020
Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on improving the mechanism for supporting innovation in industry

The mechanism for supporting organizations implementing innovative projects in priority industries will be improved. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. 

20 october 2020
The Cluster conducted ANPQP procedure training

The training "Alliance New Product Quality Procedure (ANPQP 3.1). ANPQP SI. HCPP information system" is addressed to current and potential suppliers of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to explain requirements for new products development and how to use quality tools and interact with the Alliance.

20 october 2020
An announcement of complex projects competition to create high-tech productions

The Russian Ministry of education and science continues the program to support cooperation between universities, state research institutions and organizations in the real economy. The program is implemented as part of the national project "Nauka".

20 october 2020
Cluster had a business meetings with Mobis and Hyundai

On October 1, Andrey Kraynov, General Director of the Cluster of Automotive Industry did a business visit to St. Petersburg, where he visited the supplier of auto components MOBIS MODULE CIS and the Russian plant of Hyundai - Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus. The parties discussed potential localization projects.

8 october 2020

 On September 18, ACCESS MECHANISM (U-SHIN) Supplier Day took place in the format of a video conference followed by B2B. The event was organized by the Cluster of Automotive Industry, Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and ACCESS MECHANISM (U-SHIN).

18 september 2020

On August 18, EUROSTYLE SYSTEMS Supplier Day was held in the format of a video conference followed by separate negociations. The event was organized by the Cluster of Automotive Industry, Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and EUROSTYLE SYSTEMS.

19 august 2020
Localization projects ongoing: Mitsuba will look over 9 potential suppliers

On June 17, Mitsuba's Supplier Day was organized. Such events in the form of a videoconference have become a familiar part of establishing business with new customers.

18 june 2020
The Ministry of Industry and Trade offers to reset the VAT on Russian electronics and imported components to zero

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance may set reduced tariffs for deductions to social funds

16 june 2020
Brose: High requirements - long-term partnerships

On June 9 and 10, Brose Supplier Day, one of the members of Cluster AI, was organized in a video conference format and separate B2B.

11 june 2020
Crisis is not a barrier for localization

On June 3 and 4, Sumiriko Supplier Day, one of the members of Cluster AI, was organized in a video conference format and separate B2B.

4 june 2020
Cluster member got loan approval for project implementation

The Togliatti company “Rulevyye sistemy” approved a loan of 192 million rubles under the program “Components” to produce steering racks for cars on the CMFB-LS platform(new Alliance Renault-Nissan-AVTOVAZ platform).

28 may 2020
The Russian government will spend 25 billion rubles to support the auto industry

Due to the crisis and falling demand, the automotive industry in Russia will receive 25 billion rubles from the budget. Some of them will be used for the purchase of ambulances, some for soft loans and leasing.

21 may 2020
Avtotor began assembling cross-hatchbacks Kia XCeed

Kia XCeed cross-hatchback was certified in Russia at the end of last year, but only now the company announced the start of production of cars at Kaliningrad Avtotor.

21 may 2020

Cluster of automotive industry, Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, as well as a number of its Tier-1 suppliers, decided to organize separate business events in the form of remote communications due to the inability to hold outstanding Supplier Day because of COVID-19 spread. On May 20, in this connection, Shaeffler Supplier Day was organized in a video conference format and separate B2B.

21 may 2020
Viktor Kudryashov discussed measures to support the automotive cluster at an all-Russian meeting with the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

The authorities of the Samara region continue to consistently defend the interests of OEMs and their suppliers.

18 may 2020
Utility fees collection postponed until the end of the year

The government deferred at the end of the year payment of the recycling fee for the first and second quarters to the budget.

15 may 2020
Toyota plant in St. Petersburg restarted the production

May 12, Toyota plant in St. Petersburg, fully restarted the production of cars, suspended from March 30 due to decree of the President of Russian Federation concerning additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

12 may 2020
Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg returns to work in two-shift mode

Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg which today restarted the production of cars after the May holidays, plans to work in two shifts from May 12 to 15

12 may 2020
KAMAZ returns to work after the May holidays

This month, the company will operate in the traditional two-shift mode. For the remaining days of May, 2.5 thousand KAMAZ trucks will be produced, the daily rate is 180 cars, the press service of the enterprise reports.

12 may 2020
Sales of new cars in Russia fell by 64% due to COVID-19 pandemic

Most of cars in Russia last month were traditionally sold by AVTOVAZ. During the month, 12.8 thousand Lada cars were sold in Russia.

12 may 2020
Automotive Industry Development Meeting

Vladimir Putin held a videoconference meeting concerning the situation in the automotive industry. The meeting was attended by Dmitry Azarov the governor of the Samara region, Yves Karakatzanis the president of JSC AVTOVAZ, and other industry representatives.

6 may 2020
Another PSA GROUPE SUPPLIER DAY was held online

On April 15, the another PSA Groupe Supplier Day was held, this time in a video conference format. Cluster of Automotive Industry and PSA Groupe jointly organized the event.

6 may 2020

PSA Groupe Supplier Day was held in Togliatti on March 12. The event was organized by Cluster of Automotive Industry and PSA GROUPE with the support of the Government of the Samara Region, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Samara Region, the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region.

6 may 2020
Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg has released a two millionth car

The St. Petersburg plant of the South Korean concern Hyundai Motors Company has produced a two millionth car since the beginning of its work in 2011. As a REGNUM correspondent reports, the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, attended the ceremony on February 18.

6 may 2020
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Tier-2 Supplier Day Tier-2 postponed

We regret to inform you that due to the aggravating situation in the world of coronavirus COVID-19 spread, we took a decision to postpone Tier-2 Supplier Day to June-July 2020 (preliminary dates).

20 march 2020
Cluster of Automotive Industry joined EACN network

One of the objectives of the “EACN for Joint Industrial Modernisation Investments” project is to strengthen European and international automotive clusters’ cooperation and ensure the continuity of the European Automotive Cluster Network in the future.

21 january 2020
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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