Localization projects ongoing: Mitsuba will look over 9 potential suppliers

On June 17, Mitsuba's Supplier Day was organized. Such events in the form of a videoconference have become a familiar part of establishing business with new customers.

18 june 2020
The Ministry of Industry and Trade offers to reset the VAT on Russian electronics and imported components to zero

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance may set reduced tariffs for deductions to social funds

16 june 2020
Brose: High requirements - long-term partnerships

On June 9 and 10, Brose Supplier Day, one of the members of Cluster AI, was organized in a video conference format and separate B2B.

11 june 2020
Crisis is not a barrier for localization

On June 3 and 4, Sumiriko Supplier Day, one of the members of Cluster AI, was organized in a video conference format and separate B2B.

4 june 2020
Cluster member got loan approval for project implementation

The Togliatti company “Rulevyye sistemy” approved a loan of 192 million rubles under the program “Components” to produce steering racks for cars on the CMFB-LS platform(new Alliance Renault-Nissan-AVTOVAZ platform).

28 may 2020
The Russian government will spend 25 billion rubles to support the auto industry

Due to the crisis and falling demand, the automotive industry in Russia will receive 25 billion rubles from the budget. Some of them will be used for the purchase of ambulances, some for soft loans and leasing.

21 may 2020
Avtotor began assembling cross-hatchbacks Kia XCeed

Kia XCeed cross-hatchback was certified in Russia at the end of last year, but only now the company announced the start of production of cars at Kaliningrad Avtotor.

21 may 2020

Cluster of automotive industry, Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, as well as a number of its Tier-1 suppliers, decided to organize separate business events in the form of remote communications due to the inability to hold outstanding Supplier Day because of COVID-19 spread. On May 20, in this connection, Shaeffler Supplier Day was organized in a video conference format and separate B2B.

21 may 2020
Viktor Kudryashov discussed measures to support the automotive cluster at an all-Russian meeting with the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

The authorities of the Samara region continue to consistently defend the interests of OEMs and their suppliers.

18 may 2020
Utility fees collection postponed until the end of the year

The government deferred at the end of the year payment of the recycling fee for the first and second quarters to the budget.

15 may 2020
Toyota plant in St. Petersburg restarted the production

May 12, Toyota plant in St. Petersburg, fully restarted the production of cars, suspended from March 30 due to decree of the President of Russian Federation concerning additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

12 may 2020
Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg returns to work in two-shift mode

Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg which today restarted the production of cars after the May holidays, plans to work in two shifts from May 12 to 15

12 may 2020
KAMAZ returns to work after the May holidays

This month, the company will operate in the traditional two-shift mode. For the remaining days of May, 2.5 thousand KAMAZ trucks will be produced, the daily rate is 180 cars, the press service of the enterprise reports.

12 may 2020
Sales of new cars in Russia fell by 64% due to COVID-19 pandemic

Most of cars in Russia last month were traditionally sold by AVTOVAZ. During the month, 12.8 thousand Lada cars were sold in Russia.

12 may 2020
Automotive Industry Development Meeting

Vladimir Putin held a videoconference meeting concerning the situation in the automotive industry. The meeting was attended by Dmitry Azarov the governor of the Samara region, Yves Karakatzanis the president of JSC AVTOVAZ, and other industry representatives.

6 may 2020
Another PSA GROUPE SUPPLIER DAY was held online

On April 15, the another PSA Groupe Supplier Day was held, this time in a video conference format. Cluster of Automotive Industry and PSA Groupe jointly organized the event.

6 may 2020

PSA Groupe Supplier Day was held in Togliatti on March 12. The event was organized by Cluster of Automotive Industry and PSA GROUPE with the support of the Government of the Samara Region, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Samara Region, the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region.

6 may 2020
Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg has released a two millionth car

The St. Petersburg plant of the South Korean concern Hyundai Motors Company has produced a two millionth car since the beginning of its work in 2011. As a REGNUM correspondent reports, the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, attended the ceremony on February 18.

6 may 2020
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Tier-2 Supplier Day Tier-2 postponed

We regret to inform you that due to the aggravating situation in the world of coronavirus COVID-19 spread, we took a decision to postpone Tier-2 Supplier Day to June-July 2020 (preliminary dates).

20 march 2020
Cluster of Automotive Industry joined EACN network

One of the objectives of the “EACN for Joint Industrial Modernisation Investments” project is to strengthen European and international automotive clusters’ cooperation and ensure the continuity of the European Automotive Cluster Network in the future.

21 january 2020
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