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Cluster members improve their skills in the supply chain management

The main goal in the supply chain management is to find the most effective economic model for the goods flow with subsequent transformation into end products and delivery to the end customer, considering features of all chain participants.


During the training, participants mastered their knowledge of sub-supplier management tools, as well as supplier development, special requirements implementation for suppliers and the 8D method. 


The course included:


Introduction. The concept of the supply chain; 


- Standards requirements;  


- Supplier selection; 


- Monitoring and audits; 


- Problem solving process for suppliers; 


- 5 Why, Ishikawa diagram;


- 8D method;


- Supplier development as a process.


There were individual and group work, as well as oral and written tasks. Also, the group analyzed the correctness of tasks implementation. To complete the practical part, the participants were divided into small groups, that was effective for opinions exchange on the analysis.


During the process, participants asked about filling out the 8D report, experience standardization, supplier development problems and risks assessment in the supply chain management process.


Participants of the training confirmed theoretical and practical knowledge by final testing.


For more information about the training, contact the head of the Cluster training center. 


Sergei Bannikov

Head of Training Center


+7 (8482) 27-09-55





Dmitry Moiseenko

Head of international projects department



+7 (846) 242-04-39



23 november 2020