Services for cluster members

The object of the Association activity is methodical, organizational, expert-and-analytical and informational support of the Cluster, for compensation (received revenues are directed at achieving the objectives for which the Association was created), and on a non-repayable basis, which includes the following activities:

  1. creation, assistance in implementing and implementation of cluster development programs, taking into account the spatial development strategy of the Russian Federation as well as the schemes of the special planning of the Russian Federation and subjects of the Russian Federation, on whose territories the Cluster infrastructure is located, including:
  • providing consultancy services for Cluster members in the direction of the Cluster Development Program;
  • organization of services delivery for Cluster members in terms of the legal groundwork and promotion of Cluster industrial products;
  • informational campaigns realization in the media, presenting Cluster activities, including industrial products manufacture and the prospects for Cluster development;
  • ensuring credit and investment resources attraction within the Cluster development program;
  • ensuring activity coordination of Cluster development program with the activities of the Cluster members development program to achieve the goal of Cluster creating;
  • conducting marketing research on the different markets related to the promotion of Cluster products;
  1. forming and maintaining Cluster members’ register, functional and organizational charts of Cluster members, including information on products, projects, production potential and workforce capacity, etc.;
  2. organization of training, retraining, advanced training and internship for personnel, including engineering-and-technical advisory services for Cluster members;
  3. organization of webinars, round tables, conferences, (transregional, international), seminars with invited leading Russian and foreign experts to participate in areas of Cluster specialization;
  4. monitoring the state of industrial, scientific, economic-and-financial potential of the territories, and providing Cluster members with such information;
  5. ensuring assistance for Cluster members in product (service) launch produced within a framework of the Cluster, business-missions organization and B2B-negotiations with potential customers;
  6. development of Cluster members cooperation in the scientific and technical sphere, including foreign organizations;
  7. organization of exhibition-and-fair and communicative events of interest to Cluster members as well as the organization of Cluster members participation in the exhibition-and-fair and communicative events, carried out abroad;
  8. assistance in implementing Cluster joint projects, aimed at improving the scope and quality of the supply chain and components production cooperation in Cluster final product;
  9. preparation of the Cluster unified development strategy;
  10. conducting sessions of the Cluster development strategic planning with the involvement of Cluster members, authorities and experts for the purposes of development and updating of the Cluster strategic documents;
  11. establishment of partnerships, including the conclusion of agreements and memorandum of cooperation with leading foreign clusters, technology platforms and other organizations in the innovation, production and trade sphere;
  12. conducting expert groups in various areas of the Cluster with the involvement of Cluster members and representatives of the authorities;
  13. ensuring cooperation with Russian industrial, innovative regional clusters, cluster development centers, centers of engineering, testing, prototyping in Cluster specialization areas as well as the exchange of experiences;
  14. providing services for Cluster members and other interested parties to prepare for: 
  • licensing activities, products, works and services;
  • certification of products, works and services in accordance with legal requirements, standards, technical regulations and other documents which in compliance with the legislation set obligatory requirements for products, works and services (also at the international level);
  • certification (recertification, supervisory control) of the quality management systems, environmental management system and industrial safety management system and labor protection in compliance with national and international standards;
  • accreditation (validation, re-certification) and the certification of production ,equipment, including testing one;
  1. assistance in attracting skilled labor and the development of vocational training system;
  2. organization of work on the interaction with the management (HR-directors) of Cluster members on personnel issues, including:
  • identifying recruitment needs, training and staff development;
  • organizing recruitment and retraining of staff;
  • development and implementation of recruitment and retention programs;
  • developing and conducting of trainings;
  • development and implementation of personnel adaptation programs;
  1. development of innovative and educational infrastructure objects on the territory of the Cluster;
  2. formation and implementation of educational programs in directions of Cluster specialization, providing professional services and additional vocational training and educational services for the training and retraining of engineering-and-technical personnel of Cluster members;
  3. providing services for Cluster members and other interested parties on the development of normative and methodical documentation of system planning, calculation, accounting and control of manufacturing expenses and also production systems based on the application of lean manufacturing techniques;
  4. providing Cluster members and other interested parties with services:
  • on the selection and delivery of hardware and software complexes of management of enterprise, production and technological processes, as well as their modules, including licenses (non-exclusive license) for the right to use the software;
  • on performing work on the installation and configuration of software;
  • on the development of specialized software configurations, additional software modules (plug-ins);
  • on filling database content, including the development of technical and operational software documentation;
  • on training engineering-and-technical personnel of enterprises to work with equipment and software;
  1. ensuring assistance for Cluster members in implementing engineering projects, including the search and selection of the engineering organizations that provide with services:
  • on the development of construction documentation for industrial products and components as well as a list of names and construction documentation for equipment, machining equipment and tool, control-and-measuring instrumentation, manufacturing process planning, necessary for the manufacture of industrial products and components;
  • on the development of technologies and industrial production technological processes, including development of technical documentation (route and operating maps of technological processes, operational technical control cards, process instructions and other types of technical documentation);
  • on conducting control, measurement and test of industrial products, manufacture of prototypes, experimental models, and preproduction run of industrial products;
  1. ensuring assistance for Cluster members in retraining, advanced training of employees, developing of professional standards, introducing modern teaching methods;
  2. creating and maintaining a database of scientific research, design-and-experimental and engineering works, implemented by Cluster members;
  3. analysis of opportunities and preparation of offers to attract advanced technologies through the acquisition of licenses, patents, attracting competent specialists (engineering staff from foreign companies);
  4. development of intellectual property protection system, including the patenting of intellectual activity results;
  5. development and maintenance of Cluster members catalogue, their competencies and products;
  6. formation and maintenance of a database on best practices and progressive methods of production organization, production systems, management systems;
  7. assistance in developing Cluster innovative and industrial infrastructure;
  8. identifying opportunities to diversify businesses and start manufacture of new products;
  9. development and implementation of management systems in the field of quality management, environmental and occupational safety at enterprises;
  10. conducting marketing research;
  11. formation and promotion of corporate Cluster brand;
  12. development and implementation of strategies to promote Cluster products on Russian and foreign markets;
  13. organization of events to promote the Cluster, including Cluster participation in specialized exhibitions, conducting and participation in the «road-show», creation of platforms for projects and Cluster members products demonstration;
  14. organization of providing Cluster participants with services in terms of legal, marketing and advertising support;
  15. carrying out informational campaigns in the media presenting Cluster activities and its development prospects, publish materials in Russian and English, including event announcements, reports on the conducted activities, plans and other relevant information, the publication of materials containing information about the Cluster members (manufactured products, industrial and technological potential, information on joint projects in the field of enhancing the competencies, scientific research and design-and-experimental work, production, technology and so on.);
  16. conducting marketing research on the different markets related to the promotion of Cluster products;
  17. assistance for Cluster members in forming and developing industrial relations and cooperation, including small and medium-sized enterprises;
  18. providing assistance for Cluster members in the technological and technical equipment, including the purchase, delivery, installation, implementation of commissioning of new machinery and equipment involved in the process of Cluster members industrial production;
  19. identifying tools to support Cluster development by government authorities, development institutions, financial institutions, funds and other organizations;
  20. conducting laboratory measurements and investigations with the description of opinions and measurements to customers;
  21. assistance in registration of intellectual property objects rights;
  22. design-and-engineering project support.