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The government has approved the strategy of anti-counterfeiting product turnover in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025

The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The strategy was developed for the further implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 31 of January 23, 2015 "On Additional measures to counteract the illegal turnover of industrial products". In order to ensure the illegal trade volume reduction of industrial products and its impact on the development of the country's economy and social sphere, the strategy will improve the regulatory framework, state and public control forms, implement a set of measures to anti-counterfeit products turnover and monitor the field of illegal trade in industrial products in the Russian Federation.


The strategy identifies priority industries for taking measures to anti-counterfeiting. In the short term (2021-2022) special attention will be paid to the state and public control mechanisms improvement in industries that affect lives and health of citizens on a daily basis: food, light, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, aviation, agricultural engineering, instrument making, forestry and woodworking. In the medium-term (up to 2025) – it will be focused on industries that are basic for the country's economy sustainable development in the next few decades: fuel, chemical, electronic, cable and wire, production of building materials, children's goods market and mechanical engineering.


As the main anti-counterfeit measures the strategy proposes further development of the state system of products labeling and traceability, including an information system for monitoring the movement of medicines and an information system for monitoring products to labeling and its integration with other state systems (FSIS "Mercury", EGAIS and others).


It gives a customer the opportunity to verify product quality directly when purchasing, ensuring life and health protection of citizens and guarantee of product safety, including the involvement of society in the system of control over the products turnover, says Denis Manturov.


At the same time, the system of monitoring anti-counterfeiting situation, created within the framework of the strategy, provides a detailed analysis of the level of counterfeit products in each product group and in each region, as well as the collection of a number of other indicators that enable the state and society to immediately respond to any attempts by unscrupulous market participants to introduce low-quality goods.


Denis Manturov adds that the monitoring system will allow state authorities, business community and public organizations to use all available mechanisms to anti-counterfeit and falsification, building their daily activities exclusively on current factual data.


In addition, the strategy focuses on the market elimination for services for the production of fake accompanying documents, the introduction of mandatory use of information resources about unscrupulous manufacturers, importers, suppliers, sellers of industrial products and the development of state and public mechanisms for the intellectual property rights protection. These measures are particularly important in the context of the rapid e-commerce development.


Within 3 months, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia with the involvement of interested federal executive authorities, business community and public organizations will prepare and send to the Government a draft action plan for the Strategy implementation.


The implementation of the document provisions will provide entrepreneurs with the necessary conditions for an honest and open market, protect citizens from low-quality products and minimize the impact of shadow market members on the socio-economic situation in the country.


The original article is on the website Minpromtorg RF.

17 february 2021