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The Cluster conducted ANPQP procedure training

Alliance New Product Quality Procedure (ANPQP) - the process of planning, developing, preparing and implementing new item production. ANPQP – is a structured method for timely fulfillment of all work stages by the supplier to meet the requirements and expectations of automotive components consumer.


The ANPQP aim is to ensure planned product quality of automotive components that meet customer requirements. The internal goal of the process is a clear interaction of all its participants and ensuring timely implementation of the required work stages at an acceptable cost.


During the training the participants and the trainer discussed the following questions:


- ANPQP 3.1.

- Alliance New Product Quality Procedure.

- Product and process life cycle design.

- Product and process validation.

- Project management at the stage of mass production. Project risk analysis.

- Information system ANPQP SI.

- Hierarchical organization of product/process characteristics (HCPP).

- Examples of ANPQP implementation.

- General difficulties of the standard and project activities implementation.

- ANPQP 3.2 changes. 


The knowledge gained during the training will allow participants to: 


- correctly understand the process and method of a new product development from the planning stage to the start of production, as well as implement following measures to support the project and meet the requirements of the Alliance in mass production,

- integrate customer requirements into their own production, independently perform activities and fill in accounting documents,

- organize teamwork and distribute responsibilities, determine and calculate team members’ workload,

- apply the acquired knowledge in real production, in order to meet the project quality requirements, price and project terms (production volumes).


For more information about ANPQP training, contact the Head of the Cluster training center. 


Sergei Bannikov

Head of Training Center


+7 (8482) 27-09-55





Dmitry Moiseenko

Head of international projects department



+7 (846) 242-04-39



20 october 2020