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An announcement of complex projects competition to create high-tech productions

The Russian Ministry of education and science continues the program to support the cooperation between universities, state research institutions and organizations in the real economy. The program is implemented as part of the national project "Nauka".


Russian organizations of the real sector of the economy (excepting state and municipal institutions) can participate in the competitive selection to receive subsidies in the Federal budget to implement complex projects for the creation of high-tech industries with the participation of Russian educational organizations of higher education and state scientific institutions with the use of state support measures.


The grant requirement is that the recipient of the grant co-finances the project from their own funds in the amount of at least 100 percent of the grant, while at least 20 percent of their own funds are for financial support of research, development and technological work on the project.


The subsidy is provided for three years, no more than 100 million rubles per year. 


To participate in the competitive selection you must submit an application that includes information about the project and the participant. Also, the information about the executor and co-executor of research, development and technological works and other tender documentation.


For more information follow the link http://p218.ru/konkursi/12-ochered

20 october 2020