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Business visit of the Cluster management to the Vladimir region



On April 7-8, General director of the Cluster of Automotive Industry Andrey Kraynov made a business visit to the Vladimir region, where he visited such companies as NPK Avtopribor, Tochmash-Avto, Howa Tramico (Cluster members) and Koenig Modulo Ru. There were held negotiations on projects for components localization. The working meeting was also held with representatives of the Vladimir region authorities.


On April 7, Andrey Kraynov visited Howa Tramico. He met the company management and discussed potential suppliers of materials for ceiling upholstery within the framework of RF PP No. 719. They also talked about Cluster support and the possibility to find new potential customers for Howa Tramico, including other industries.


Howa Tramico is an industrial enterprise. Since 2012 it is a part of the large Japanese concern Howa Textile Industry Co., Ltd – the leading manufacturer of automotive components. The company's plant in Russia is located on the territory of the industrial park of the Stavrovo in the Vladimir region. The company produces automobile ceilings and sound insulation parts.


In the second half of the day, there were held negotiations with the management of Tochmash-Avto. The results of the company's participation in the Supplier Days, the company's participation in RF PP No. 1649 and other state support programs, as well as consumer requests received from the Cluster were under discussion. During negotiations, the parties identified promising areas: new steering wheel switches, light and climate control units.


Tochmash-Avto has 50 years of experience in the field of production and development of products of automotive electrical equipment. The company is founded on the basis of the VPO Tochmash and is its legal successor. The company has its own design office, which is ready to master and put into production any component of electrical equipment for automotive industry. The company produces the following products: steering wheel switches, connectors, switching elements, fuel level sensors, relay and fuse blocks and switches.


On April 8, General director of the Cluster AI visited NPK Avtopribor (Cluster member). During the negotiations with the company's management he discussed potential projects for the localization of windscreen cleaning systems, the current crisis situation that affects metal and plastic prices, the company's participation in state support programs for R&D and localization.


NPK AVTOPRIBOR is a leading supplier of the modern Russian automotive industry with its own innovative production, offering standard solutions, a high level of service and regular deliveries. 500 items of modern electrical equipment and devices for the Russian and foreign automotive industry of light and heavy commercial vehicles are delivered to the largest car assembly companies in Russia, the CIS countries and neighboring countries.


As part of the business trip, there were held negotiations with the Director of the Department of Economic Development of the Vladimir Region, Alexander Yaroshevsky. The topic of the discussion was the development of cooperation between the enterprises of the machine-building complex of the region and the Cluster members.


At the end of his visit, Andrey Kraynov visited Koenig Modulo Ru. The main company products are stamped products, perforated pipes, curved and molded pipes, welded parts and brackets. There were discussed areas of potential cooperation with the Cluster and implementation of joint projects with its members, including the attraction of new customers for Koenig Modulo Ru, as well as the company's participation in educational programs conducted by the Cluster Training Center.

14 april 2021