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Dmitry Azarov gave a start of the automotive components production in the SEZ "Togliatti"

On June 24, a large production of automotive components was put into operation on the territory of the Special Economic Zone "Togliatti" of the Samara Region. The Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov gave a start of the Faurecia plant via the video conference mode.


The Head of the region noted that the company operates in the cluster of the traditional specialization of the Samara region – the automotive industry. He also mentioned that thanks to the full support, the high-tech investment project was implemented in the shortest time.


Investment project implementation is divided into three stages. As part of the first, the production of seat frames has already been established. Now there is a construction of new buildings for upholstery sewing. The work is planned to be completed by the end of this year. Next summer is the time of the third investment stage which make it possible to produce foam filler for seats. The total amount of investments will be more than 2.5 billion rubles. The plant startup will create about 600 new jobs, the number of employees at the enterprise is planned to be increased to 1 thousand people.


"Once we dealt with a situation of high unemployment in Togliatti, when the number of people seeking for a job was significantly more than vacancies. Today, there are 2 times more vacancies in the region as a whole, and in Togliatti in particular, than people who are registered in the employment fund. There are 6 thousand job seekers in Togliatti, while there are 12 thousand vacancies. 22 thousand people are registered in the employment fund, and 45 thousand vacancies. We have reversed the negative trend that has been developing in the region for a number of years. Despite the difficulties of the past year, despite the pandemic, we are creating new jobs thanks to systematic work to attract investment and create the necessary infrastructure, both transport, engineering and logistic. It's not about ratings, it is about results – production facilities, jobs, welfare improvements of residents of the Samara region," emphasized Dmitry Azarov.


The Togliatti plant of the global company Faurecia will become the only enterprise which carry out all technological operations for the production of car seats – about 1.5 thousand car sets per day. Sets will be delivered according to the production projects of JSC AVTOVAZ, the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Volkswagen Group Rus.


"I would like to thank the Governor of the Samara Region and regional authorities for their comprehensive support of the project from the moment of discussing the idea and at all stages of implementation. The plant in Togliatti will be the largest production area of the Faurecia in Russia," said Lukasz Babuska, Faurecia Russia division vice-president.


The governor noted that the enterprise location in the SEZ "Togliatti" will increase the level of localization of AVTOVAZ products. "This is very important, because AVTOVAZ will be able to apply for state support measures that are large-scale, provided that the requirements for the localization of automotive components in Russia are met. Last year showed this: thanks to the decisions of the President of Russia we saved the company. We have created additional opportunities for our largest automobile enterprise, the largest labor collective, so that the plant will successfully develop in the future," stressed Dmitry Azarov. 


Today, the SEZ "Togliatti" is one of the best in the country and is among the TOP-3 most attractive sites in Russia for investors. Chairman of the Government of the Samara region Viktor Kudryashov noted that the start of a new production of the company Faurecia in the SEZ "Togliatti" "a significant result of the efforts made by the management team of the region under the leadership of Governor Dmitry Azarov to create a favorable investment climate in the region."


"The enterprise of the company Faurecia is one of the world leaders in the production of automotive components –the first project that we are opening in the industrial parks format, when the production site was created with the involvement of not only the investor's finances, but also the funds of the regional budget," added the head of the regional Cabinet of Ministers.


Today, 12 production facilities are operating on the SEZ "Togliatti. 1,649 jobs have been created. In addition, 29 residents from 8 countries – Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Serbia, France confirmed the readiness to develop their business in Togliatti. It indicates the great interest of foreign investors in localization in Russia, in particular, in the Samara region. The planned volume of investments of SEZ residents in their projects is about 40 billion rubles in total. As a result of the implementation of these projects, it is planned to create about 6.5 thousand new jobs.


Original is on the website: The Government of the Samara region

29 june 2021