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The Ministry of industry and trade estimated the automotive components development program at 200 billion rubles

In 2021, the Ministry of industry and trade together with the industrial development Fund (FRP) will launch the grants program for the automotive component production development, which is estimated at more than 200 billion rubles for ten years, said the deputy minister of industry and trade - Alexander Morozov.


It is assumed that the projects for cars components production, agricultural machinery and road construction equipment in the regions will receive these grants.


Alexander Morozov said that the selection of applications for the grant will be on a competitive basis, it is planned to create a special technical board that will do it. The share of state support will be about 30% of the total project investment. The total budget, including the investment of manufacturers under this program is estimated at more than 200 billion rubles over 10 years.


Components production projects for the electric transmission (gearboxes, motor wheels, batteries), machine vision technologies (radars, video cameras), as well as projects related to passenger safety (production of active and passive security systems, sensors for various purposes) will be able to receive support.


"Technological solutions for hydrogen-powered cars are also the subject of the automotive components development program," added the deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade.


Denis Pak, the director of the Department of automotive industry and railway engineering of the Ministry of industry and trade announced plans to launch a grant program to localize the automotive components production at the end of last week.


"In 2021, together with the IDF we will launch a grant program for the investment projects implementation to localize the automotive components production. We have already pledged one billion rubles under IDF grants", said Denis Pak.


GAZ Group previously reported about the need to adopt a program for the automotive component industry development.


The president of GAZ group - Vadim Sorokin said, that the company estimated such program together with FSUE NAMI. The program will require about 240 billion rubles over 5 years and will have a powerful effect on the entire economy, including small and medium-sized businesses. We believe, the government should determine the technologies that will bring the greatest effect for the industry and set priorities that manufacturers will focus on», said Vadim Sorokin.


Talking about the need to launch the program, he noted that GAZ has prepared ten of its own pilot projects for components localization with a total cost of 36 billion rubles. Vadim Sorokin says, that such projects should be implemented on the basis of public-private partnership, under the terms of co-financing. None of investors can get Bank financing for such long-term projects. Therefore, we need an industry program.



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11 november 2020