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Strategic planning is the basis for sustainable enterprise development

The Cluster conducted a training "Strategic planning, monitoring, analysis and organization's QMS improvement. Management by objectives".


A long-term goal, strategy, and "Achievement tools" are necessary for a systematic and developing company. There is no development without a clear understanding of what the company is striving for and what results it should achieve in the future. Strategy – is an image of organizational actions and management approaches used to achieve organization goals and objectives. Mission, Vision, Values, Culture – these are the basis for the company strategic management building!


The owner of the company sets the ideology, ideas and mission; build the company culture, promote the ideology and makes it works, so that the company follows these principles.


Culture is the beliefs, history, ethics, traditions and points of view that are interrelated with the distinctive features of an organization. It is especially important that the organization's culture is correlated with its mission, vision, and values!


During the training we analyze such tools as:

  • Strategic management: goals, objectives, purpose. Planning level.
  • Ideology, mission, strategy, culture
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational architecture
  • Factors impact assessment on the strategic goals achievement
  • Strategy and goals deployment to the company processes
  • Goal setting rules
  • Analysis of the goals attainability
  • System of goals monitoring and indicators performance
  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Meeting system. QMS analysis by the company's management
  • Continuous improvement

KPI monitoring and management system – is a system of continuous assessment of all aspects of company's activities, its departments, managers and employees in terms of timely and high-quality performance of the strategic plan tasks, identifying deviations and taking actions to achieve planned goals.


Strategic management tools implementation, management by objectives, monitoring system and timely response to deviations provide opportunities for the development and continuous improvement of the company's management system:

  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's performance
  • Improve the planning accuracy
  • Control and monitoring become an effective tool for quick and accurate analysis and problem solving
  • Procedures, standards and criteria are formed for tasks performance evaluation for processes and individual employees
  • Improve communication between processes and employees
  • Team work development
  • Company's culture development and staff motivation improvement
  • Create clear criteria for achievements evaluation for employees

For more information about the training, contact the head of the Cluster training center. 

Sergei Bannikov

Head of Training Center


+7 (8482) 27-09-55





Dmitry Moiseenko

Head of international projects department



+7 (846) 242-04-39



1 december 2020