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State support results for demand for cars for the first 11 months of 2020


Moscow, December 25 – more than 256 thousand cars were sold with the state support of demand in Russia for 11 months of 2020:


- 199.3 thousand cars were sold under the program of "Preferential car loans" (the amount of state support – 20.7 billion rubles);


- 52 thousand cars were sold under the program "Preferential leasing" (the amount of state support – 12.5 billion rubles), including:

  • 10.6 thousand cars under the program "Affordable rent" (the amount of state support – 2.36 billion rubles);
  • 41.4 thousand cars under the program "Preferential leasing" (the amount of state support – 10.14 billion rubles);

- More than 5.1 thousand cars sold under under the program of gas-engine equipment subsidy (the volume of state support – 1.28 billion rubles).

"We are finishing the year with quite optimistic state support results of demand for passenger cars. Programs are popular, that is demonstrated by increasing sales with state support. We plan to realize these programs next year", said Alexander Morozov, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.

The original article is on the website Minpromtorg RF

28 december 2020