Mobil LLC

Mobil LLC

Region: Samara region


Personnel: 30÷100


Specialization: design and production of rubber, polymer and metal products which are parts of body, interior, chassis and power train of passenger and commercial vehicles.


Products: dashboard crossbar, trunk hinges, safety bar of front and rear doors, stabilizer bar, parts of the brake group, rubber-metal shock absorbers, soundproof seals, sun visors, luggage compartment curtain.


Technologies: injection molding of plastics under the pressure, welding of polymers, pouring of polyurethane foam, thermoforming, vulcanization.

  • Welding of metals: arc, spot;
  • Laser cutting of metals, pipe processing, intense deformation of metals, bending, heat processing;
  • Machining of tooling for stamping and die molds;
  • Production of compact tractors.

Customers: AVTOVAZ, LADA West TLT, UAZ, GAZ Group, IZH-Auto, Sollers, FSUE NAMI.