Region: Ulyanovsk region


Personnel: > 1000


Specialization: metal sheet stamping, welding, heat treatment, protective coatings (cataphoresis, zinc, powder, nickel plating, phosphating). Mechanical processing, plastic products production. Production of clutch drive cables, parking brake. Components and mechanisms assembly.


Products: stamped products of car suspension elements, turning parts, cooling and heating radiators, vacuum amplifiers, accelerator and clutch drive cables, parking brake cable, hydro-corrector of headlights, ignition switch, brake hoses, window lifters, car hood and door locks, rear view mirror, water pump.


Technologies: small and medium stamping, welding, protective coatings application, plastic injection molding, heat treatment, mechanical processing, components and aggregates assembly.


Customers: AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, UAZ, NAMI, SAAZ Complect, Schaeffler Rus, VIS, Motor-Super, Osvar, GAZ, Avtosvet, secondary market of OAT and STFK KAMAZ.