IzhSpetsMash LLC

IzhSpetsMash LLC

Region: Republic of Udmurtia


Personnel: 30÷100


Specialization: technological equipment, non-standard equipment, containers, production of auto components.




1) Die tooling:

- small, medium, large with weight from 500 to 60000 kg;

for cold sheet stamping:

     - Cutting, edging, piercing;

     - Forming, bending, wedge, etc.;

     - Progressive stamps.

     - Bending dies

     - Separating dies for combined, sequential and combined

     - Forging dies, forging inserts, forging blocks, high-precision dies, dies for fine cutting;

2) Molds:

- Molds for lost wax models

- Injection molds for metal castings

- Molds for pressing thermoset parts and leaves under pressure from


- casting molds, vacuum molds, blow molds

- for rubber, plastic, press thermosets, filling, blowing, as well as for

metallurgical production, tooling, chil molds, etc.

3) Production of non-standard equipment:

- Suspended conveyors, floor conveyors;

- Automatic devices for changing stamps;

- Stands: welding, assembly, control, etc..;

- Testing equipment;

- Manual pneumatic electrified devices;

- Gripping devices, perching skids, painting;

4) Production of serial products: stamping of small, medium-sized products; welding, painting, assembly.

5) Container: special containers, trolleys, etc.


Technologies: technological chain includes the following processes: press, metalworking, thermal, painting and assembly industries. The availability of a technical base based on equipment from leading world manufacturers (Mecof, Sodik, Hauser, Mikromat, U.Shipman, Hartford, TECHNI Waterjet, Bomar, etc.) is more than 180 units, including a universal measuring instrument Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 MR. 


Customers: AVTOVAZ, Russian Helicopters, ROSTVERTOL, KAMAZ, GAZ.