Region: Ulianovsk region


Personnel: 100÷250


Specialization: production of automotive components, tooling and packaging materials from 3-layer corrugated cardboard.



electrical equipment (ignition locks of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, LADA West TLT, KAMAZ, PAZ, etc.),

Fuel system (fuel pumps, solenoid valves of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, etc.),

Locks, handles (exterior door handles and locks for doors, hood, trunk of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, etc.),

Lighting (indicator repeaters, light reflectors, braking signals, rear lights of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, GM interior lighting lamps, etc.)

Cable products (for hood, accelerator, handbrake, clutch, heater of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, etc.)

Mirrors (exterior and interior of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ),

Brake system (VAZ brake pipes),

Other products from plastic and rubber goods.




• design and manufacture of tooling (dies, molds),

• production of castings from Al and Zn with the weight from 10 to 2500 g,

• production of products at the press-stamping facilities with the force of 6 - 100 tons,

• production of parts by plastic injection molding with an injection volume up to 1800 cm3 and a clamping force up to 400 tons,

• production of profile-molded products by extrusion method,

• mechanical assembly operations,

• packaging materials from 3 layer micro and corrugated cardboard.


Customers: AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, UAZ, key trading companies of automotive spare parts market, including trading internet sites.