TathimPlast LLC

TathimPlast LLC

Region: the Republic of Tatarstan


Personnel: 30÷100


Specialization: polymer compounds for the automotive industry, household appliances, electronics, electrical and civil engineering.




Polymer compounds on the base of:

• polypropylene - Avtolen;

• polyamide - Avtomid;

• polycarbonate and PC / ABS mixtures - Avtoloy;

• ABS plastic - Avtolak;

• polystyrene - Avtostyrene;

• other.




• compounding,

• highly filled materials,

• wide range of functional fillers.


Customers: Autocomponent, Samsung, Forecia, Docke Extrusion, Hiton-Plast 2, Magna, Schneider Electric, Ford, Daimler-Mercedes, etc.