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Utility fees collection postponed until the end of the year

The government deferred at the end of the year the payment of the recycling fee for the first and second quarters to the budget. The corresponding decree was signed by interim Prime Minister Andrey Belousov.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade at the beginning of the epidemic proposed extending the delay to payments for the first and third quarters, but in the final version it was decided to focus only on payments for two quarters. The ministry said that the measure will help partially solve the problem of an acute shortage of working capital, to avoid the threat of delays in the payment of wages to employees and other obligatory payments during a period of downtime.


In 2020, the government expected to collect almost 338.4 billion rubles. Waste collection from vehicles produced in Russia, another 77.3 billion rubles from imports, was said in an explanatory note to the draft budget for 2020. Of these funds, 150.2 billion rubles. the budget will receive due to an increase in collection rates from 2020 by 110%.


Utility fees takes a significant share in the expenses of automakers, and with almost zero revenues from operating activities, a postponement will avoid staff reductions, "Kommersant" sources said.


At the same time, the delay in the payment of waste collection will affect only automobile concerns that have entered into special investment contracts (they give the right to tax benefits in exchange for investments). To them, waste collection traditionally returns from the budget through industrial subsidies.


Original version of article: https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4343397?from=hotnews

15 may 2020