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Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg has released a two millionth car

The St. Petersburg plant of the South Korean concern Hyundai Motors Company has produced a two millionth car since the beginning of its work in 2011. As a REGNUM correspondent reports, the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, attended the ceremony on February 18.


He congratulated the workers of the plant on their production achievement, noting that this enterprise was the first full-cycle foreign plant in Russia.


“If you measure the length of all the cars you made in St. Petersburg, you get about a quarter of the equator. Every seventh Russian car is produced at your factory, models made in the Northern capital are steadily leading the way in sales, today they are not only in the CIS market, but also in the Middle East, ”said Alexander Beglov.


However, later the director of the plant, Son Kengsu, in his speech corrected the mayor, noting that every sixth car in Russia produces his company.

If you put all the cars in a line, then it will be the distance from Paris to Vladivostok, Song Kengsu pointed out. “And if you fly along this line by plane, then the flight will take 10 hours,” he added.


According to him, all three models produced at the St. Petersburg plant, including the best-seller of the Russian market Hyundai Solaris, are among the five most popular cars in the country. The plant presented the two millionth car to a children's hospice.


According to Alexander Beglov, the company's investments until 2027 should amount to more than 16.5 billion rubles. Smolny expects that in 2021 a new engine factory will be opened here, which will create about 500 jobs.

“You can count on the government of St. Petersburg, we will support you in every way,” Beglov concluded.


Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg produces models Kia Rio, Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Solaris. This is the largest car factory in Russia after AVTOVAZ.


More information here: https://regnum.ru/news/economy/2861710.html




6 may 2020